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The founding members of Nexus Medical, have collectively more than 80 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Fire and Rescue. They for the last 20 years, encompassed teaching and consulting at various levels of Emergency Medicine and Rescue.

Nexus Medical undertakes various projects for our clients in Africa which include; site and hospital assessments, emergency response planning and the drafting of such documents and the provision of medical and other ancillary equipment. We have undertaken various projects for our clients, in obtaining a foothold in an African country for medical or other service delivery projects.

Mission statement

The Disruption of traditional outsourced medical services, through building client skills, capability, capacity and creating client owned and client operated professional medical services with end user satisfaction as its primary goal.

Vision statement

Nexus Medical aims to enable small and medium industries to service their own medical and healthcare needs. Nexus aims to place enterprise medical solutions within the reach of all businesses throughout Africa, so they can ensure their own duty of care.



Company Overview

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South Africa


Fields of Expertise
Medical and ERT 
In Country Assessments 
Remote Site Management 
SOP’s and Procedures 

Other Areas of Focus

Equipment Sales
Medical Training
Specialist Medical Consulting

Nexus Medical
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